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Finger puppets

Make your own Finger puppets:
 Download and print one of the A4 Finger puppet patterns, make sure you print the front and back on separate pages. 
2. Use coloured crayons or felt tip pens. 
3. With a pair of safety scissors carefully cut out following the scissor symbol (you might need a grown up to help with this). 
4. On the reverse side, glue around the edges. 
5. Stick the reverse sides together to make your finger puppets.


Butter & Honey

Download and print an A4 Finger Puppet pattern


Henry & Evie

Download and print an A4 Finger Puppet pattern


Zonkey & Fred

Download and print an A4 Finger Puppet pattern

Colour-in pages

Just print a copy onto A4 paper and get sketching. If you're really proud of your coloured creation we'd love you to share a photo with us on social media!



Download and print an A4 Butter Colour-in page



Download and print an A4 Henry Colour-in page



Download and print an A4 Zonkey Colour-in page


Henry, Butter and Zonkey wanted to share their favourite treats with you. Check out their recipes, try them for yourself, and be sure to let us know what you think! 

All recipes have been taste tested for yumminess by Michelle's grandchildren.


henry's carrot cupcakes

It's no secret that Henry loves carrots, so of course his favourite recipe is for carrot cupcakes! Try them at home and tell us what you think!


butter's beetroot brownies

Butter's yummy brownies are perfect for a party. They'll go down a treat with your little ones (and adults too)!


zonkey's couscous cupcakes

Zonkey's favourite couscous cupcakes sound a little strange, but we promise they're delicious. Give them a try and let us know what you think!

Happy halloween copy.jpg

        Happy Halloween!

For a fun Halloween treat, why not try making Henry's cupcakes with grated pumpkin instead of carrot?