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Honey and Butter, the Zebny

What is a Zebny? A Zebny is half Appaloosa pony and half Zebra.

Personality Profile: Honey and Butter, the Zebny

Honey is kind and friendly, you just want to hug her. Butter, the Zebny, is her best friend and together they enjoy cooking and dancing. Butter loves cake and will often sneak off to the kitchen just for a taste. Especially when cook has been baking!

Butter, the Zebny, tries not to get into a mess but something always happens. She gets ‘Butterphobia’ whenever there is work to be done, but Honey her best friend is always there to help her out.



Honey means: ‘Loved one or sweetheart’’. Butter means: ‘to beat or cook.’


Butter loves to help cook! “No, Butter NO!”


Butter gets ‘Butterphobia’ whenever there’s work to be done!

Zonkey and Fred

What is a Zonkey? A Zonkey is half Donkey and half Zebra.

Personality Profile: Zonkey and Fred

Zonkey is gentle, soft and easy going. He’s never in a hurry and always sees the good in everyone. Which can get him into sticky situations, but without knowing it he always comes out on top!

Fred means: ‘Wise.’ Zonkey is blue and the only one of his kind. He gets his blue coat from his mothers side.


Zonkey’s best friend is Fred.

“Come on Zonkey - PULL!”


Zonkey has five fly friends and with the help of his big ears, only he can hear them. They tell jokes and make him giggle. 

Evie and Henry, the Zebny

Evie and Henry are team mates, they love a challenge. They are always competing with Hatti and Angus in a race, to see who's the winner!

For Henry it is important that his hair always looks tidy and he is forever checking himself in the mirror. He has lots of gels for his hair.



Evie means: ‘Lively one.’
Henry means: ‘Ruler of the home.’


Evie keeps Henry out of trouble. Like Henry, Evie is very sporty, she likes to wear sports clothes and loves jumping.

She likes to keep everyone together and is a happy person, making friends wherever she goes!

Lady McPhottery and Sparky 

Lady McPhottery lives in her ancestral home, Hilltop Hall.

There she breeds Zebny’s and is the founder of the ‘Zebny Riding Academy.’

Sparky is the loyal pet to Lady McPhottery and has been with her for many years. Sparky thinks he is human and far more intelligent than Lady McPhottery.


Lady McPhottery wears a tartan waistcoat in the McPhottery tartan.


When there’s trouble, Sparky’s nowhere to be seen!

Sparky means: ‘Lively and high spirited’.


The HilltopTrophy is her pride and joy and is kept safe in the display cabinet.

Hatti and Angus 

Hatti and Angus both come from Scotland. It is cold up there, so Angus has an extra thick coat that keeps him warm and he likes to keep his hair short.

Hatti can be ‘Bossy’ when she thinks she is right. Which is most of the time because she knows EVERYTHING!

Hatti thinks she is posh, and likes to wear the latest styles in clothes.


Hatti is ‘Bossy.’ She has red hair and likes to be right. She’s knows EVERYTHING!


Oh no! Hatti!


Angus is stubborn and can be sneaky, he likes to win. 

Bruce and Emos 

Bruce cares about other people, is kind and loving to his friends and always has your back. Bruce’s best friend is Emos. Emos can be very clumsy, he rushes around all the time, ‘Look OUT!’

Emos is a gentle giant who is very eager to please but forgets his size, and sometimes his legs get in the way! Emos didn’t know his parents, he was abandoned as an egg and sometimes wonders why he’s PINK!

Emos loves to play music and his favourite is the Didgeridoo!


Emos is, as far as we know, the only one of his kind.


What is an Emos? An Emos is half Emu and half Ostriche.


Bruce means: ‘Willow lands - Australia’